The Richard Glaser Band - "That's Okay "

Richard Glaser - piano
Mary Akpa - vocals
Alfredo Rivera - saxophone
Russ Turner - bass

Mark San Filippo - drums

Produced by: The Richard Glaser Band

Track List:
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4 .






Royal Presence
(Richard Glaser)

If You Knew My Pain
(Richard Glaser)

No I Can't Stand This
(Richard Glaser)

Watch It Won't Take Long
(Richard Glaser)

That's Okay
(Richard Glaser)

You Knew I'd Fall For You
(Richard Glaser)

Richard's Blues

(Richard Glaser)

Harlem Love Song

(Richard Glaser)

Liner Notes:

The right musicians at the right time.

Even Duke Ellington, never one to underestimate an opportunity, nonetheless tipped his wide-brimmed hat to the right combination of place, time, person and providence for his early success ath the Cotton Club. Likewise, composer and pianist Richard Glaser has sought to capture his own fortunate circumstance through the shaping and shifting of his own ensemble through the years. In this latest adaptation of the Richard Glaser Band, the Source presents a new musical vision of his original works
with the help of long-time drummer Mark San Filippo and new additions vocalist Mary Akpa, saxophonist Alfredo Rivera and bassist Russ Turner.

Here on this album, the provocative draw of Akpa's voice presents a magnetic, new embodiment of the rich colors of Glaser's songs and transforms them into a personal, captivating expanse of story-telling. The vivid expanses of Rivera's work on the saxophone, the deep bends and pulls of Turner's bass and the sophisticated beats of San Filippo's drums all combine to illuminate the classic shapes and hues of Glaser's piano compositions. "That's Okay," "A Royal Presence" and "If You Knew My
Pain" and other classics are given new life here, and for the first time, a window is opened to the listener to the lyrical concepts behind Glaser's music.

Experimentation, improvisation and a deep connection to the chromatic wonder of jazz music are, as always a key element to this Glaser Band album, as evidenced by the mixtures and blends of horn, voice, beat, phrasing and melody. Yet, the band's style remains, at heart, a straight-ahead look at the future of jazz, a work of innovation and beauty for listeners of a new generation. For jazz artists of the 21st century, the journey to providence continues to be a labor of love. At no other time in history has music found itself at such a commercial and artistic crossroads. Never has so much wonderful music been so readily available to so many, and never has so much of it been so easily dismissed. The Richard Glaser Band is a group of right musicians at the right time, a group with a driving commitment to original creativity and personal growth~~a welcome reminder to the way it once was when the world of music drew its soul from selfless expression.

~~Jesse Torres

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